There’s a Void in Understanding Workforce Hiring, Performance Management and Retention

The People Behind the Process

TalentCode Management Group is not your typical Managed Service Provider (MSP). We’re an MSP with a revolutionary process filling the void of misunderstood reporting and data.

We analyze your workforce to dig deeper and provide you with a better picture of how your workforce is affecting not only your bottom line, but your organization’s success. This data drives the continuous improvement efforts to streamline your contingent workforce program.


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Why TalentCode?

You want to hire and retain the best people and we have the code.

Get the Code

We’ve developed a coding system in our Pro Service Package that can help our clients quickly and easily understand if they are where they need to be when it comes to hiring and retaining top talent.

Our TalentCode Metric consists of three codes that provide a way for our teams to analyze your data in order to drive the continuous improvement efforts that ultimately affect the success of your contingent workforce.

Learn the Code

Talent Identification Code (TIC)
The TIC allows us to identify and rank top talent through an exclusive associate pre-hire ranking system that assigns each candidate a value based upon their probability to succeed within a client’s organization based on skill set, experience and other required performance indicators.

Talent Performance Code (TPC)
The TPC allows us to identify and measure the performance of an associate while on assignment with a client. Measuring performance allows us to proactively identify, recognize and reward top performers while proactively coaching, counseling or replacing associates who are not meeting performance and policy expectations.

Talent Retention Code (TRC)
The TRC evaluates turnover based upon the individual’s performance. This code allows us to identify the quality of associates who are leaving their position and the reasons why. The TRC also provides us with the ability to help our clients and staffing suppliers be more proactive in creating a high caliber, steady workforce that is motivated and engaged in order to improve quality, safety and productivity in your work environment.

Combined, these three codes (TIC, TPC and TRC) follow an associate through the entire work placement cycle. 

What Sets Us Apart

What's an MSP?

A standard definition of an MSP is...

The management of an organization’s contingent workforce program. MSPs serve as a neutral party that offers the client a complete workforce solution while ensuring efficient operations and leveraging multiple staffing suppliers to obtain competitive rates. An MSP typically utilizes a Vendor Management Software (VMS) to provide transparency and efficiency, along with detailed metrics to clients.

Our MSP combines comprehensive measurement and detailed metrics to help your organization retain top talent.

Our Difference: Our MSP redefines what’s important by combining comprehensive measurement and detailed metrics to help your organization hire, manage performance and retain top talent. We call this our TalentCode Metric.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to help clients focus on what's important in their business.

We established our company in order to fill a void within the managed services industry and how staffing supplier performance is managed. We believe most MSPs and other companies are solely focused on hitting their numbers and have lost sight of what's truly important – hiring, managing performance and retaining the best people. We've created a revolutionary process to solve this problem.

Redefining what's important.

Our commitment to successful service delivery is evident throughout every step of our process.

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